Ethical problems plague Demsin Kentucky and nationwide

Hillary Clinton showed that creative imagination of hers the other day. She said she remembers landing under sniper fire and having to run to her car on a trip to Bosnia as first lady. The story should have been discredited as soon as she said it. After all, who actually believes a security detail would allow the first lady and the first daughter to land in a war zone with sniper fire everywhere? Actually, footage of her landing surfaced shortly after this claim. It shows her smiling as she walks to greet those who gathered to see her. I didn’t hear any gunfire in the background. The campaign claims she just misspoke. Right.

In another lapse of judgment, of all the places they could send him, Hillary Clinton’s campaign sent former President Bill Clinton to Kentucky yesterday. That’s exactly the strategy to help people forget about the transgressions of the Clinton years. With Hillary making moves like this, Barack Obama decided it was time for a break. He’s lounging around in the Caribbean for a little while before he tries to make a comeback win in Pennsylvania next month.

While the Democrats still fight it out on the national stage, Kentucky Democrats have their own problems. As I predicted a few weeks ago, Steve Beshear’s approval continues to be in a nosedive. After just 3 1/2 months in office, 48 percent of Kentuckians share my view that Steve Beshear is a disaster, according to a SurveyUSA tracking poll. On the other hand, 46 percent approve of his job.

While the younger age groups are still approving of his actions to cut their Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship money and to cut funding to education, the 65 and up crowd have serious concerns about Beshear. It really is shocking at how quickly he has gone from being a savior to being genuinely disliked. What is noteworthy, though, is that in his first 100 days, Steve Beshear has seen many of his approval-damaging battles be with members of his own party instead of with Republicans.

Anyway, budget negotiations between the House and Senate started yesterday. The Senate passed a budget without any tax increases, while the House wants to tax cigarettes, gasoline and numerous services. The newfound self-importance of House budget committee chair Harry Moberly, D-Madison, is turning out to be one of the hindrances for this year’s General Assembly. He has made snide comments about Beshear. He has attacked Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville. And he has told public universities to stop whining about their budget problems.

However, Williams raises a valid question about Moberly’s unique situation. He is responsible for creating the House version of the state budget. However, his real job is as a senior administrator at Eastern Kentucky University. Does that not seem like a conflict to anyone? After all, his salary is paid by a public university from funds it receives from the state. Moberly claims there is no ethical problem, according to The (Louisville) Courier-Journal.

Of course, I guess we shouldn’t expect too much of Moberly. Just yesterday, with no prior notification, he cancelled his committee meeting so that he could attend a Clinton rally, the Herald-Leader reported on its Web site yesterday. I’m glad to know the people of Madison County are being served well.

With the fratricide in the Kentucky Democratic Party and the type of bold leadership these Democrats are showing, I can’t help but think Steve Beshear’s next 100 days will be as disastrous as his first 100 days.

Thomas Roberts is the chairman of UK College Republicans. E-mail [email protected].