News Briefs

UK signs contract with music  downloading service

Students can now download music for free through Ruckus, a music discovery service that offers more than 3 million songs. Student Government and the Information Technology Department negotiated a contract with the service, according to a campus-wide e-mail sent yesterday. To register for the service, click the “sign-up” link on the Ruckus Web site (

Summer course revolves around bicycle field trip

Students can pedal their way through a class and across the South this summer. The Honors Program is offering “HON 301: Slavery, Freedom, Race, and Memory” in the United States, which will allow five to 10 students to bicycle from Mobile, Ala., to Cincinnati, Ohio, tracing a route taken by many slaves following the Underground Railroad to freedom.

The group will cycle an average of 35 miles each day and will stop for an hour-long class every other day, said Richard Baily, creator and instructor for the course. The reading material will cover history, literature and sociological studies.

Although Honors courses are usually restricted to members of the Honors Program, this course is open to all students. An informational meeting will be held today at 4 p.m. in room 1145 of Patterson Office Tower.