News Briefs

State budget cuts mean U of L president might not get bonus

University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey will receive the same $700 lump-sum salary increase as all other U of L employees this fiscal year.

Due to state budget cuts, he may go without a performance bonus, regardless of how he scores, according to a news release. Ramsey is expected to score high on his performance evaluations but will probably receive a raise less than the bonus given to UK President Lee Todd on June 17.

Todd scored a 97 out of 100 on his performance evaluation and was awarded a bonus of more than $145,000, the Kernel reported on June 19. Todd accepted $95,500 of that sum and gave UK back the other $50,00 to go toward campus programs.

The U of L Board of Trustees is expected to vote in the next few days on a recommendation that the president would receive no additional bonus.

Fraternity members plead not guilty in hazing case

Three members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity pled not guilty to criminal charges of fourth-degree assault in Richmond on Tuesday.

The three men- two active members and one alumnus- are part of a hazing investigation of the fraternity at UK and Eastern Kentucky University campuses.

UK suspended the Kappa Alpha Psi chapter from the Lexington campus until the issue is resolved. EKU suspended the fraternity last month for eight years.

A regional director of the fraternity recommended in a letter e-mailed to the Kernel that nine fraternity members be suspended or expelled after the hazing incident. According to police, pledge Brent Whiteside was beaten with fists, a paddle and a cane.