Upcoming films expected to reel in viewers

By Derek Miles

Burn After Reading

The Coen Brothers, fresh off their “No Country For Old Men” success, helm this comedy headed by George Clooney and Brad Pitt about gym employees who wind up with a disk full of CIA secrets. Another film in the Coen brothers’ style of dark comedy, this looks to be one of the funniest movies of the year.

In theaters Sept. 12

Body of Lies

Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe star in this spy thriller directed by Ridley Scott. On top of starring two of the best actors around, this film appears to be socially and politically relevant. Not only does this promise to be one of the most intense movies of the year, it may also join “The Dark Knight” as one of the best.

In theaters Oct. 10


The highly anticipated film by controversial director Oliver Stone tells the story of George W. Bush’s road to the White House. Stone swears he portrays Bush, and the people surrounding him, fairly. Regardless of what you think or where you stand this one should at least be extremely interesting.

In theaters Oct. 29.


Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman star in director Baz Luhrman’s first film since “Moulin Rouge.” This love story set in a World War II Australia, looks to be one of the most visually intoxicating and beautifully shot films that has come around in a while.

In theaters Nov. 14

Quantum of Solace

Everything indicates that this newest edition to the legendary 007 series will continue with the gritty action and intensity that its predecessor, “Casino Royale,” brought to the James Bond table. Despite the pretty lame title, this should be a good one.

In theaters Nov. 14

The Spirit

The newest film by graphic novel guru Frank Miller, the man behind “Sin City” and “300.” This one is about a murdered rookie cop who returns as a hero trying to clean up the mean streets of Central City, and its biggest villain The Octopus … Oh yeah, a few hot chicks are also trying to kill him, or fall in love with him, or seduce him. Filmed in Miller’s graphic style, this could follow “300” and become a huge hit.

In theaters Dec. 25.

Revolutionary Road

DiCaprio and Kate Winslet reteam for the first time since “Titanic” as a 1950’s couple struggling with personal problems as they raise a family. Last time Mendes made a movie about a struggling family it won Best Picture “(American Beauty).” Last time DiCaprio and Winslet were in a movie together it won Best Picture … I’m just saying.

In theaters Jan. 15.