SG revives student green fee resolution

A resolution about a student green fee was revisited at a Student Government committee meeting Wednesday night.

The Academic and Student Affairs committee met for the first time and passed a resolution to encourage SG support of a green fee that will come from student fee money. The resolution is similar to the one that was passed in the 2006 SG Spring Election, according to the legislation sponsored by Sen. Robert Kahne.

“It is really important that SG gets behind this so we can say at the beginning of the year that we believe in it,” Kahne said.

The resolution encourages the implementation of $6 to $8 of student fees going to the UK Sustainability Committee.

“I hope it passes and sends a strong signal to the Board of Trustees that the entire SG is behind it,” Kahne said.

The resolution will go on to the full Senate next week.

Student groups also came out to request money from the first Appropriations and Revenue Committee meeting of the year. About 20 different organizations were allocated a total of $11,450.

Club sports received $1,250 of the money and the rest was distributed to various clubs and organizations. $3,725 was in Senate special projects, which must be approved by the full Senate.

“Our goal is to fund both quality and a quantity of projects,” said A&R chairman Adam French.

French made a change to the A&R process this year so $40,000 will be reserved to fund projects in the spring semester. French said this will avoid a situation like last year, when A&R ran out of funding in February.

“Going in knowing what we have to spend, we had a better idea of what we need to be spending,” French said.

Emily Marion, a junior nursing major, attended the first meeting on behalf of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. The group requested money to fund their annual Frats at Bat fundraiser to benefit the Saint Jude’s Children Hospital.

“We do a lot of events on campus and it gets hard finding money for those things,” Marion said.

French suggested that organizations looking for funding submit detailed requests that are itemized and provide as much information as possible.

“Our money shouldn’t inspire ideas, projects should inspire us to give money,” French said.