Warning: Black Ice ahead

By Kelly Wiley

Black Ice is a poet, not a preacher. But he shares the same goals that preachers do: to enlighten and inspire people.

“I want to open that dialogue on the way out the door so two hours after the show they can start thinking about issues and hopefully that will lead to a solution,” Black Ice said.

Black Ice, whose real name is Lamar Mason, said he started writing poetry at an early age. Now, Black Ice has performed his poetry on HBO’s “Def Poetry Jam.” He will be on campus at the Cats Den on Tuesday night at 8 to perform.

He was nurtured and inspired by his parents, and in 1992, he performed his first poetry set.

Black Ice said he found a passion for the art form of poetry that he hopes to share with UK students.

“I fell in love with the art, unity, culture and all the things that surround poetry itself and the encouragement,” he said.

He said that people who see him on TV do not see the real Black Ice. In live performances, he is more open with the audience.

“I just try to give myself and hopefully all my experiences,” he said. “It becomes more than just me reciting poems I have written. It’s a dialogue between myself and the audience.”

Black Ice has only released one album, “The Death of Willie Lynch,” but he is in the process of recording two more albums – a spoken-word album, and an album he is recording with his band. He said it will be more soul and less hip-hop.

The Cats Den is located on the first floor of the Student Center. Admission is free.