Fasting event raises money, awareness

By taking food away from themselves, over 300 people gave a chance for others to eat.

Fast-A-Thon, an event that was put on last week by the Muslim Student Association, raised money from about 10 businesses around the city to help stop hunger in Lexington, according to a Kernel article on Wednesday.

Besides being graced by Student Government President Tyler Montell’s presence and a speech, participants experienced the holiday for one day and got a free meal at the end of the day. In one great effort, the MSA was able to raise awareness about Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, and generate money for a good cause.

“This fundraiser is to feed other people,” said Aun Munis, president of the MSA. “Sometimes, we take our lives for granted, so this experience can help us put it into perspective and allow us to be thankful for our lives.”

The student body should try to absorb what perspective the MSA is showing. Munis said one point to the event was “to help people understand how it feels for those who go hungry all of the time in our own city.”

Even without the fundraising element, this event is beneficial to the community to appreciate the significance of those who practice the faith and participate in the month-long holiday, which lasts about 30 days.

If you missed Fast-A-Thon, you still have a chance to partake in Ramadan for the sake of the experience. Ramadan, considered the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, is expected to go until Sept. 30, depending on the moon’s cycles.

So from sunrise to sunset, try something new. Gain a perspective by giving up your meals. You may not be raising any money, but you’ll be raising your own awareness.