Is a relationship worth the baggage?



By Alison Carson

Airlines these days have become increasingly restrictive on baggage allowed. Relationships? Not so much.

If you are suffering from the “weight” of someone else, look out for the main types of baggage. A person only has two arms and these issues are the ones that are sure to break anyone’s back.

The Party Animal: Sure everyone likes to party, but some need to learn to keep it in check. A string of one-night stands and a bad reputation is a battle you have to overcome. If your girlfriend has scandalous Facebook pictures and a list of over twenty guys, you’re in for a long haul. Deciding whether or not your prospective other can ditch the dirty past is a big decision.

Family issues: Everyone has skeletons in their closet. But when family issues take a front seat to the behavior of today—it’s present. Everyone knows the girl: low self esteem, dad walked out, mom was too busy. It is a web of insecurities and trust issues further complicating relationships.

Family issues often lead to several different complexities. Divorces, infidelity or even issues with siblings and can all lead to a range of emotional and psychological barriers.

Before getting with a person with such deep-rooted issues, it’s important to decide whether or not you have the time to invest.

The Crazy Ex: We’ve all caught the episode of Maury while flipping through the channels. Now picture that drama being your everyday life. That’s essentially what it becomes, (well maybe a little less trashy) when you are with someone who has a crazy ex. The psycho ex-boyfriend turned stalker, or the crazy ex-girlfriend who still sends him texts every night. It is a common piece of luggage that is sure to strain any relationship. If a person is looking to be in a new relationship, the ex should be buried by now. Consider it a major warning sign of issues to come.

The Workaholic: Sure grades, school and work are important. But when it comes to a relationship, time together is necessary. If your girl or guy is all about hitting the books and not about hitting you up, there’s a big problem. No one needs to be smothered but people need attention. If your girl can’t even shoot a thinking-of-you text on their break, it’s over the weight limit.

Before jumping into anything serious it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of getting involved in something heavy. If you decide you care about the person, it’s worth your time. If not, check it in.