February weather not worth complaints

Letter to Editor by Patrick Dunham

It’s kind of sad there have been several pieces in the Kernel over having to go to class in the snow.

I have to drag myself from K-lot to central campus at 8:30 every morning. That’s about a mile walk when it isn’t crappy outside — add some winter weather and it’s downright uncomfortable.

Cold and biting the weather  has been through last week’s mornings drudgery, however, they are hardly something unexpected or worth complaining about.

Folks, it’s February, this is a winter month, what did you think getting to class would be like? Remember last year, when we had an ice storm? That was something to close the campus over. Last week was not bad weather, just bad weather for a February in Kentucky.

If it’s raining, you take an umbrella, if its hot you wear a T-shirt, if there’s a few inches of snow on the ground you put on boots, gloves, hat and a coat; that’s what they’re for.

If you have to drive in this weather, you leave 15 or 20 minutes early and drive slowly.

If you’re commuting in from the sticks, on roads that haven’t seen a plow, then call or email your professors and explain why you wont be there today, they’ll understand.

What you should not do is act shocked you might have to trudge through a couple snow banks or drive through murky slush in the winter time.

We’re adults here people, suck it up; a few inches of snow means use your head and take precautions, not a day off.

Patrick Dunham

Landscape Architecture Senior