City must enforce sidewalk-clearing

Letter to Editor by Steven Taylor

As a graduate student who often commutes on off-campus sidewalks in the wee hours of the morning, the failure of homeowners to maintain their sidewalks is a significant cause of my own personal injuries.

The recent black ice that covered all of the sidewalks on my Maxwell Street commute has caused me both bodily and property damage.

Immediate enforcement of sidewalk clearing ordinances is in order, in addition to the understanding of professors that not all of us drive or are prescient of the icy conditions of sidewalks at all times for the two-plus miles of our commutes.

It’s not being a “freaking baby” when you break your ankle, tailbone or skull because the sidewalks got compacted from snow to slush then frozen to a hard slick surface.

Not all of us can live on campus and more needs to be done to reach our needs for a safe commute.

On a side note, I would like to thank UK. The moment my commute brings me to campus territory, I can walk with confidence and safety due to their timely maintenance of walkways.

Steven Taylor

Sociology doctoral student