Remember the 90s: Artists still around after years of performing



“MmmBop,” “Iris” and “Mr. Jones.”

Ever find yourself listening to the synthesizer-infested hits on top-40 radio stations, wondering what happened to the bands responsible for the hits of your youth?

Many may be surprised to find that quite a few of these artists are still around and have only improved in the past decade.

Perhaps the most surprising of all is Hanson, who’s lone hit consumed pop radio for all of 1997. What many don’t know is that they released two more major-label albums before separating from the big labels — going independent due to creative differences.

As their voices matured– and they cut their hair– Hanson’s sound matured as well, as they began to blend their trademark pop harmonies with intricate blues stylings.

The blend led their first album as indie artists, “Underneath,” to be the highest selling independent album of all time.

The group then released “The Walk,” in which blues and rock became even more prominent.  Songs like “Blue Sky” and “Great Divide” would be barely recognizable to listeners who haven’t heard the group since Bill Clinton was president.

Counting Crows wrote “Mr. Jones” for their first studio album, “August and Everything After,” and never looked back. Singer and primary writer Adam Duritz has been pumping out songs for this adult alternative group for nearly two decades. The group has released five albums since their debut in 1993, the most recent being “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings,” released in 2008.

While Hootie and the Blowfish called it quits after a 14-year run in 2008, lead vocalist Darius Rucker’s solo career seems as though it’s only just begun as he took home “Best New Artist” from the Country Music Awards for his 2008 album, “Learn to Live.”

As for the Goo Goo Dolls, writer of radio mega-hits such as “Iris” and “Slide,” the group has never showed any signs of slowing down, releasing 10 albums since its inception in 1987. Their last studio album, “Let Love In” was released in 2006 and reached No. 9 on the Billboard 200. The group has begun recording a new album, titled “Something for the Rest of Us” with a tentative release date for this spring.

So next time you turn on your radio to robotic voices and blaring synths, keep in mind that those artists you miss from the ‘90s are still there to be your saving grace.