BSU brings students a night at the Apollo



Song, dance, poetry and mime — students will have a chance to boo or cheer for their favorite act this weekend in the spirit of the legendary Apollo Theater

The UK Black Student Union is hosting its annual fundraiser Saturday based on New York’s Apollo Theater Talent Contest. Just like the original competition, the evening will showcase a variety of talents, said BSU Apollo 2010 co-chairwoman Alaina Hancox.

“There are comedians, musicians, singers, poets, bands, spoken word …,” Hancox said.

What makes the show entertaining beyond just witnessing new talent is that the audience picks the winner, Hancox said.

“If the crowd likes (the act), they cheer. If they don’t like it, they boo,” she said.

The BSU held open auditions for show participants, Hancox said, and people came from all over the state for a chance to hit the Singletary Center stage and wow the crowd.

Geoffrey Griggs, co-chairman of the event, said students from other Kentucky schools will get in on the action for Apollo 2010. Rappers, dance teams and singers from Western Kentucky University, the University of Louisville and others will show off their skills for the chance to win a $500 prize.

The money raised from ticket sales goes toward a fund the BSU uses for various expenses, Hancox said.

“(BSU) is sort of an umbrella organization for the majority of minority groups on campus so we help them fund projects,” she said. “The money also helps with our community service and programming.”

For the past few years the show has been held in February, which is Black History Month. Hancox said the BSU hopes to use Apollo 2010 to educate the audience about black history.

“Throughout the night between acts we’ll try to provide black history facts and hand out information,” she said.

Door prizes will be given away at the show, and Hancox said she just hopes students find the evening as a way to come together and let loose for one night.

“It’s a great way to meet people and just get a break from student life, from work and class,” she said.

Griggs said the event usually fills out the Singletary Center Concert Hall and has proven to be the BSU’s major fundraiser for the school year.

“For $10 you are getting tons of entertainment — probably way more than we’re charging you for,” he said.