Serving campus remains PTS’ goal

Letter to Editor by Don Thornton

I am writing in response to the Jan. 28 column “Parking issues continue to be problematic.” I would like to address some points made in the article.

Parking and Transportation Services strives to communicate with the campus community through a variety of different methods. To cite one example, the Kernel ran an in-depth feature on Dec. 4 addressing some of the topics in last week’s column.

The PTS Web site,, is a good source of information for parking regulations, bus schedules and more. Additionally, PTS publishes its Annual Report online. This details the department’s revenue, expenses, number of parking spaces and more. The reports for the past five years can be found at

We encourage anyone with questions to contact PTS directly. Unfortunately, misinformation from other sources about parking and transit topics can have negative consequences.

We have several different ways that you can contact our department, most of which can be found at

We also encourage students and employees to follow us on Twitter at and sign up for our e-mail newsletter, Parking e-News, at

Don Thornton

UK PTS Director