News stories need positive content, inspiring focus

Letter to Editor by Michael Frick

I read the Kernel each and every day I am on campus, and enjoy reading it.

However, it seems like a lot of times the stories I read are either depressing, something terrible has happened, there is a problem with some system, and stories along those lines.

I do enjoy knowing and reading about what is going on on the campus and at the university I attend, and I desire to be informed of the goings on.

However, I also would like to hear some positive, inspiring stories of things that go on on our campus or that our students are doing.

I know just from talking to students in my classes and friends of mine that many students on our campus have gone all over the world doing many things to help out the people on our planet.

I would love to see our paper reach out to those individuals who show through their actions what it means to be a UK student and how they have helped out in our world.

Stories like people who have done work in helping rebuild New Orleans since Katrina, or those that have gone down to Haiti and other such stories.

I believe this would help to inspire other students who may not know how to get involved in things like this, be able to plug them into helping out.

Plus it would provide a positive source and a good way for our university to show we are making a difference.

Michael Frick

secondary education senior