Bunk’s burger not worth the hype

Letter to Editor by Nicholas Aden

In a Feb. 9 Kernel article, Dallas Rose said, “I’m pretty confident in saying that we have the best burger in Lexington.”

I can’t resist a good burger — what red-blooded American can? As such, I walked down to Two Keys Tavern and bought myself a burger.

I am the kind of person that will always get the “original” first and move from there — so I ordered the “classic” with Cheddar cheese.

In case you’ve never been, this burger is dressed with lettuce, red onion, tomato and what I can only describe as a fancy spiced mayo. You know, it’s just a classic burger. Just the same, I paid $6 and waited for 15 minutes.

My first impression was based solely on presentation. The burger was smashed; the bun was clearly sporting an uneven char on the top.

Maybe taste made up for it?

My thoughts after eating? The burger tasted a little overdone — but I’ve always been one who liked a little pink in my burger — and the burger was definitely juicy.

The bun was way too sweet, overpowering the burger and other ingredients entirely if too much of the bite was bun. The amount of onion was minimal, but with red onions being stronger than yellow, this was expected.

Overall, I was unimpressed.

Maybe it’s not the same “gourmet” mix of meats in their ground beef, but for $3.23 you can get a Tolly Ho with Cheddar cheese. That’s after tax.

If you want a burger in town, you’ve got options. For me, Bunk’s is not option number one. Maybe if I’m chilling in Two Keys and I get a little hungry — but let’s face it, by then, I’m drunk.

Nicholas Aden

material science and chemical engineering junior