Comedic duo hopes to tickle UK’s funny bone

By Emily-Kate Cardwell

[email protected]

Two performers are set to give UK students a one-two set of punchlines.

Kris Shaw and Josh Copen will perform in the Cats Den as part of the Comedy Caravan on Wednesday.

Shaw has performed at church functions, corporate gatherings, casino boats and military shows, and he hopes to make students laugh as he adds UK to his list.

At the age of 5, Shaw found his knack for comedy at his grandmother’s beauty salon. Shaw said his grandmother gave him a book of jokes, riddles and puns he used on many customers.

“They were stupid jokes,” Shaw said. “But I knew at that point that I wanted to be an entertainer.”

Shaw said his material is inspired by his everyday life and people he encounters on a daily basis.

“It’s easier to tell a story about things I’ve seen than the quick-witted stuff a lot of comedians come up with,” Shaw said. “I just want to tell my story.”

Copen will also perform Wednesday with Shaw. The West Virginia native said he was excited to be performing at Rupp Arena. When he discovered he wouldn’t be performing there, Copen joked he wasn’t so excited anymore.

College campuses are among Copen’s favorite venues because of the small crowds and intellectual audiences, but he is also fond of the ladies.

“I like college shows because it gives me the chance to be a creeper without the chance of being caught,” Copen said. “The girls have to look back at me because I’m on stage.”

Copen said his trip to Kentucky is complete because unlike many Kentuckians, he has conquered the pronunciation of the word “Louisville.”

Admission is free and open to the public.