Cheap Seats returns with a bite



By Allison Fister

Students who want to get a taste — or rather a bite — of a vampire, can do so while giving to a good cause this week.

The UK Student Activities Board will host its first Cheap Seats event Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Tips To Get Your Boyfriend Back movie of choice will be “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

SAB is working with the UK chapter of the Student United Way and will donate half of all admissions to charity.

United Way works to advance the common good, focusing on education, income and health, according to its Web site. The goal of the organization is to create changes that prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

Brad Elliott, Cheap Seats director, said the United Way organization contacted him to help establish the new student organization’s initial fund. Elliott said the popularity of the movie should bring tons of viewers.

“Because of this, we chose this movie to work with (Student United Way) so that they could benefit as much as possible,” he said.

Elliott said Cheap Seats aims to raise at least $150 for the organization.

Elliott said Cheap Seats can be a good opportunity for students, particularly those without a car to get off campus to see new movies.

“It’s hard for some students to get off campus during the school year to see movies, and movie theater tickets can be really expensive,” he said.

Cheap Seats will show the movie Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Worsham Theater, located in the Student Center. Admission is $1. Admission price includes popcorn, and the event is a TallyCats event.

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