Bathing suit do’s and don’ts for 2010



By Shelisa Melendez

Summer temperatures have caused students to do one thing — strip down.

Break out the tanning oil and flip flops because summer is here, or so it seems, with temperatures reaching above 80 degrees.

Summer weather means busting out old bathing suits, but most importantly, buying new ones. After all, who wants to be restricted to a few bathing suits? A girl’s gotta have options.

At this time of year, postal workers are suddenly overloaded with mass amounts of Victoria’s Secret magazines filled with the latest and greatest in swimwear.

However, before you go online to order that cute string bikini for the next pool party, you should find out if that suit indeed suits you.

Just like jeans, a bathing suit is meant to flatter your body shape. Shopping for your body shape doesn’t mean the bathing suit is going to be ugly.

Finding the right bathing suit for you is quick and simple.

Large Bust: The first step in shopping for a large bust is being proud of what you’ve got. When shopping, avoid strapless tops. Despite it being a “supportive” top, don’t do it; it will be very unflattering and that is not the look we are trying to achieve. Instead, find a halter top with semi-thick straps for full support.

Small Bust: Many of your large bust friends are probably jealous of the freedom you have when it’s time to shop for a bathing suit. Woman with small busts should search for push-up or padded tops which will create cleavage. Another flattering top is the popular bandeau (strapless), which compliments your small figure.

Long torso: In order to distract the eye from your middle section, wear horizontal stripe patterns.

Short torso: When shopping for a bathing suit, avoid the boyshort style, regardless of how cute you may find it to be. This will make your legs appear shorter. To elongate the appearance of your legs, wear vertical stripes or a bottom with a high cut on the thigh (example: string bikini).

Plus size: Do not be shy to show off your curves this summer. A V-neckline is very flattering to your shape. Also, stick to a dark/solid one piece bathing suit. Do not worry about looking frumpy in a one piece, there are many varieties of fashionable bathing suits that do not look anything like what your grandmother should be wearing — just avoid too much fabric.

Although the temperatures have cooled, the warm air will return shortly as May approaches leaving nothing but you, your hot new bathing suit and summer 2010.