Your best friend’s girl



By Alison Carson

There’s only one thing worse than your nagging, demanding girlfriend—your best friend’s.

If she’s crashing the Entourage marathon and complaining about ESPN on the TV, you can’t exactly kick her out—she’s not your girl. When girls and guys get involved in the drama of their friend’s relationships it can be a full out war.

While you can love and leave the total tool of a boyfriend you have, if it’s your best friend’s man that’s driving you crazy there’s not a whole lot to do. Girl’s usually hash out every detail of what he does wrong, complaining to their other girlfriends, and when they are heartbroken the best friend is left to pick up the pieces.

One problem—if you complain to your friend about their significant other it’s likely to cause tension and resentment. Which is why it’s important to pick and choose your battles.

It’s one thing if he’s spending a lot of time with his chick and another when he’s actually ditching you. If you’ve made set plans and your BFF decides to bail—that is grounds for confronting.

Unless the battle is on the homefront it’s best not to get involved. While it might be hard to hold your tongue when you see your friend’s man being full out rude—it’s not your place to get in his face. Even if he is Spencer Pratt reincarnated, your friend will almost always end up running to his side anyways.

If it’s just that your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend annoys you and hangs around too much, the best thing you can do before you snap is remove yourself from the situation and deflate before saying something you will regret.

And if you are left to listen to your girlfriend gab about her boyfriend’s transgressions, it’s best to take a Dr. Drew approach and just listen. It doesn’t matter how much you run him down or plead for her to dump him. Instead, let her know it’s best for you not to get involved but that you will be there for her if and when he lets her down.

Unless your friend’s relationship is directly hurting you, it’s best to remain neutral. Getting tangled in the drama of your friend’s relationships is like setting off a nuke and a sure-fire way to start a war.