Revenge of the geeks: A&S week kicks off with competition



By Drew Teague

Geek Week is returning for yet another year, this time with some clever ways to get back at professors.

The College of Arts & Sciences’ Geek Week will be held the week of April 8, featuring lectures and events, one in particular titled “Arts vs. Sciences.”

Created by a group of A&S Ambassadors, the event is a contest of volleyball, kickball and dodgeball at the Seaton Center on Monday, with students battling against professors to see who comes out victorious.

Falon Thacker, a political science senior and A&S Ambassador, said the idea just took off.

“The group was shouting out ideas, and (Arts vs. Sciences) happened to be said,” Thacker said. “Everyone went kind of went crazy and we started planning it.”

Morgan Hartlage, an A&S Ambassador, was thrilled and thought the event would be a great way to meet people in the largest college on campus.

“We just decided that the College of Arts & Sciences is huge, and playing games would be a great way to meet people in the college, as well as faculty,” Hartlage said.

With the college being so large, they had to have games where many people were able to participate, which is why Mary Beth Johnson, an A&S Ambassador, is ready for Geek Week.

“We decided that dodgeball, volleyball and kickball would allow more participants, considering these games are popular during elementary school,” Johnson said.

While there is no trophy or plaque to win, there will still be rewards for participating.

“The student winners have a chance to hit their professor with a dodge ball or spike a volleyball against their professor,” Johnson said.

There is a certain excitement that comes with being able to play against professors, Thacker said.

“I think professors enjoy getting to interact with their students outside of classroom more than students believe,” she said. “What college student wouldn’t want to hit (their) professor with a dodgeball?”

While the Ambassadors are hoping for a large turnout at the event so all three games can be  played concurrently, they are curious to see how many and which professors decide to attend and take on the students.

“We are really anxious to see how many professors participate,” Johnson said. “But I am sure many students will see some of their favorite professors there.”

All UK students, as well as professors in the College of Arts & Sciences, are welcome to attend and participate.