Marilyn or Jackie?



By Alison Carson

Are you a Marilyn or a Jackie? Angelina or Jen? The sexy babe or the classy lady?

The front girls put up between being the ditzy damsel in distress or the fun-loving girl next door means a lot when it comes to getting a guy into a relationship.

It’s the timeless question of which is better, sugar or spice?

While being beautiful and seductive can be good, if that’s the only way guys see you, they will tend to think about you being a bedroom buddy rather than quality girlfriend material. If you can’t show him early on that you’re more than a flirtatious vixen, you might be thrown in the “one-night stand” pile.

While it’s also important to be a proper example of how a young lady should act —there is a fine line between being cute and preppy and being borderline stuffy and prude. It’s college and guys aren’t exactly rushing to meet their future first lady.

It seems as though these two polar extremes meet somewhere in the middle for a perfect combo that is sure to get the guy.

In order to do so there are easy ways to pull guys in from both sides. So there are a few ways to nab the guy using both you’re sweet side and your inner hotness.

Be comfortable with yourself. Marilyn never doubted herself — so always be confident. Both the sultry and refined lady gets the guy by being secure. Your body language says a lot and if you are open and flirty it’s instantly attracting. Just make sure not to over do it — too much sex appeal gives the wrong impression.

Talk about your interests. Most guys don’t just want an airhead, so talk up you’re interests. Politics, sports, your career interests are all insights into you being more than just beautiful.

Laugh at yourself. Being stuffy and introspective all the time isn’t exactly that appealing. Being able to be playful and not take yourself too seriously is cute and endearing.

Play hard to get. While you may want to talk to him the whole night, it’s way obvious and guys like a chase. So if you work the room and make him crave your attention, you’re ahead of the game. Both sugar and spice are at work with this little game.

Be sexy in moderation. Being sexy is always in but if you want a guy to bring you home to mom, you also have to channel you’re inner good girl.

When it comes to sugar and spice, both are nice.