Q & A with Jeff Raines of Galactic at Bonnaroo Music Festival

By Donald Mason

Q: I saw your show in Lexington at Buster’s. What is different with your show now than in the past?

A: We invested into a light show for YA-KA-MAY, giving another dynamic to the music.

Q: One of my favorite parts of that show was Stanton’s amazing drum solo. Is that a part of every show?

A: There is usually one drum solo per night, so he goes all out. Don’t want too many drum solos, they get boring. We get involved and bring up instruments for him to bang out, so it keeps it interesting.

Q: Do you prefer to play festivals or clubs?

A: We like playing clubs in the winter time, festivals in the summer. Small clubs are more intimate, which lets the music come out.

Q: What area(s) do you like to play in most?

A: We just got back from Japan, probably the favorite. Also France and Spain are up on the list. Domestically, the food towns are well received.

Q: I ask all guitarists: What is your preference for guitars?

A: In Galactic, I prefer a Gibson 335, gives you a James Brown sound and is versatile.

Q: How has the absence of Theryl DeClouet, or “House Man” been for the sound of the band?

A: It was a struggle to write for House Man. We maxed out artistically with Theryl and when his physical condition worsened, we had to move on.

Q: Corey Henry adds a lot to the sound, but is always listed outside of the band. Is he going to be around for a while?

A: Corey has been playing with us for a few years. He is part of the band at this point, in my opinion.

Q: What is it like working with Cyril Neville?

A: It’s a little intimidating with Cyril, being a NOLA legend, but they musically gelled and got along, which made it all work.

Q: Who are you hoping to see this year at Bonnaroo?

A: The Black Keys and Bassnectar.

Q: What events are you playing soon?

A: We are playing the Harmony Fest in California after Bonnaroo and at Red Rocks with Umphrey’s McGee the July 4th weekend.