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One Lexington vintage store is expanding its inventory now until August to offer  free ceiling tiles.

POPS Resale, a store on Leestown Road, is now providing locals with more than the opportunity to find their favorite vintage record with the kickoff of their “Ceiling Tiles for Charity” program. POPS is giving customers free ceiling tiles to decorate in exchange for any monetary donation.

Dan Shorr, owner of POPS Resale, said the fundraising idea came to him while remodeling POPS. Shorr said the program was a unique opportunity to pitch in and give back.

“We just went through a major remodeling that included everything but the ceiling,” Shorr said. “It was a strange idea at first because I’ve never been in a store with a painted ceiling, but we pulled down a couple tiles out of curiosity and they painted really well.”

All donations collected will go to the Williams Syndrome Association and the Autism Society. Shorr said he specifically chose the two charities with his customers and family in mind.

“I thought it was fitting to choose the Autism Society because we have quite a lot of customers (with) and customers with children who have autism,” Shorr said. “I also decided to give the other half of the proceeds to the Williams Syndrome because my nephew was just diagnosed with the syndrome.”

The “Ceiling Tiles for Charity” program started in May and all completed tiles must be submitted by August 31. The monetary donation is not collected until the tile is submitted, and there is no minimum. Shorr said all decorated ceiling tiles will remain on display as long as possible. Customers can pick up their free ceiling tile at POPS Resale on business days.

Shorr said they have been very pleased with the community’s participation in the program and look forward to receiving many more ceiling tiles before the August 31 deadline.

“We’ve gotten 7 ceiling tiles in so far and we have another 25 that we’re waiting on that  people have picked up. It’s been successful so far — there are definitely a lot of them out there,” Shorr said. “Although the deadline has to remain August 31 — because that’s what we told the charity — if the tile program is successful, we plan on doing it again.”

The completed ceiling tiles are currently on display at POPS Resale, and pictures of the tiles are posted on both POPS Resale’s Myspace and Facebook pages. Shorr said the artists who turned in tiles ranged from POPS regulars to members of local bands.

“We had all kinds of unexpected people come in and want to participate in the program,” Shorr said. “Two tiles we have turned in are from members of bands, and we even had Jessico, the dancing outlaw, come and pick one up.”

The ceiling tile program is one of many fundraisers POPS has hosted, and Shorr said they plan to continue giving back to the community in the future.

“No matter what it is, there are so many things that need to be done and I take a look at things like autism and see that it’s reaching epidemic proportions,” Shorr said. “If people don’t pitch in and help, nothing will ever happen. We are the catalyst.”