Students react to Tolly Ho relocation



Tolly Ho’s recent relocation announcement  spurred mixed responses from UK students. While some see it as a good business move, others are skeptical of the new location.

“It’s a little sad that it’s moving from the old location that everyone’s gotten used to,” said Greg Kyes, an English and political junior. “Hopefully with the new spot, they’ll be able to get some good business.”

Tolly Ho announced Wednesday that it bought the Hart’s Drycleaning building on South Broadway and will relocate from its current 395 S. Limestone St. location early next year.

Although unsure of the move, Kyes said students desiring late-night dining will find the restaurant even if it is farther from the current location. Tolly Ho may also benefit from a different crowd, he said.

“They might pick up some business from the basketball crowd after games because they’re on Broadway,” he said.

Integrated Strategic Communication junior Kelly Karbowicz lauded the business’ move for personal reasons.

“It will be closer to my house,” Karbowicz said. “It may take a while to catch on, but it will be in a better place.”

Karbowicz rarely goes to Tolly Ho now, but said she would be more inclined to patronize it once it’s closer to her home.

Proximity to his home and campus has not stopped English junior James York from eating at the restaurant twice a week. He said the move will only be good for Tolly Ho and its patrons.

“The parking spaces are going to make it much more convenient for customers,” he said. “Business will increase. It’s in an area where people can pub crawl. They’re going to end up with more customers.”

Although York and other Ho-faithfuls will go to the restaurant regardless its location, younger students, like ISC freshman MaryMac Joiner, may not frequent the new location.

“The current location is in walking distance and it’s just convenient for freshman to walk from campus,” she said. “A lot of freshmen don’t have cars. It would just be more convenient if it stayed.”

Joiner has never been to Tolly Ho, but said she is aware of its cultural significan. She plans on trying the restaurant before it moves.

For York, the location change is nothing to worry about as long as he can practice his favorite Tolly Ho tradition.

“I just hope that I can still play Donkey Kong,” he said.