Board discusses Todd’s salary, compensation

With nine months left until President Lee Todd leaves UK, the amount of money he will receive is still up for debate.

Discussion of Todd’s compensation package lasted nearly half of the two-hour Board of Trustees’ meeting Tuesday.

Britt Brockman, the new board chairman, opened the meeting by detailing Todd’s current salary and benefits.

According to Brockman’s presentation, Todd’s current base salary is $304,000, which increases when faculty get raises.

“There have been no faculty salary increases in the last three years,” Brockmansaid. “And there have been no increase in the president’s base either.”

Brockman said Todd also gets an additional $50,000 for chairing the UK Research Foundation Board and the UK Athletics Association Board. Todd can receive up to 15 percent of his base salary for other benefits, like for a retirement fund.

The maximum bonus Todd can receive in a year is $200,000, Brockman said. This number is based on how well the trustees think Todd has achieved his goals.

Billy Joe Miles, interim board chair, said parameters were in place nine years ago that said university presidents could not be paid more than the Council on Postsecondary Education head.

So, the board at the time created a contract that would pay Todd through a bonus system.

“All of us at that time—a majority of the faculty, everyone—felt like that if we put Lee on a bonus system we could get around the CPE,” Miles said.

Miles said that the board of the time believed Todd would get 90 to 100 percent of that bonus, but Miles said Lee has not always taken his bonus.

Board member Frank Shoop addressed some numbers of Todd’s compensation plan that have been reported in the media.

Shoop said there is no net increase in Todd’s salary, but money would be reallocated to his salary from his bonus.

Joe Peek, faculty representative to the board, disagreed. Peek said the wording in Todd’s contract does add money, and that it is not just a “reclassification” as Shoop said.

Board member James Stuckert said he was appalled that a university like UK couldn’t pay its president what he was promised.

“I’m a member of the Board of Trustees,” Stuckert said, “who looking back at this, hearing what I’ve heard, I think that the board has not treated Lee Todd correctly.”

Stuckert said the current board should correct the mistakes from nine years ago, by compensating Todd.

UK Student Government President Ryan Smith said the current system doesn’t give Todd his fair due.

“I believe the current structure, quite frankly, is unfair to Dr. Todd or unfair to any university president,” Smith said.

Sheila Brothers, staff representative to the board, said she thinks Todd should be compensated, but she has colleagues at UK who struggle to make ends meet and now is not the right time to do it.

The board passed the motion and an amendment for Todd’s bonus. Todd did not accept the bonus, said Kathy Johnson of UK Public Relations.