Bledsoe’s grade will not be changed

Eric Bledsoe’s grade that enabled him to be eligible for UK will not be changed, according to the Birmingham school system superintendent.

Bledsoe’s grade in an algebra class was changed from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’. However, the superintendent said Bledsoe had earned the grade through make-up and extra work.

An independent investigation had been hired to look into reports that Bledsoe’s grades had been improperly changed.

While the investigation found the explanation for a potential grade change not credible, it did not produce any wrongdoing in the changing of Bledsoe’s grades.

“We do not credit this explanation,” the report said. “We note that the teacher changed (Bledsoe’s) grades far more frequently than those of any other students in his class.”

UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart’s response was sent out in a press release:

“Eric Bledsoe was a part of our normal institutional process, the NCAA’s normal eligibility cycle and a more extensive secondary review by the NCAA eligibility center as well. We maintain our reliance on the high school, university and NCAA eligibility center for initial eligibility and will continue to do so. At no point was the University of Kentucky under investigation by the NCAA nor had any reason to believe we were ever under investigation.”

UPDATE: NCAA spokesman Chuck Wynne told the Birmingham News that the NCAA would review the Bledsoe report with UK to determine if his academic status could be affected.