A Canuck promotes the CFL

Are you ready for some football? Canadian football, that is.

Don’t worry, the Canadian Football League, or CFL, is exactly like the NFL in the same way that RC Cola is exactly like Pepsi.

Sure, the NFL has better talent, generates larger revenues, enjoys a larger following and implements a four-down system compared to the CFL’s three-down system, but if you don’t look beyond all the differences, you’re being a negative Nancy.

Clearly, the NFL game resonates with Canadians and Americans alike, otherwise more people would be paying attention to the current CFL season, which is almost at its midway point, as opposed to Thursday’s NFL kickoff between the Brett Favre/Wrangler Jeans-led Minnesota

Vikings and the “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem” Saints of New Orleans (side note: I hate Cajun grammar).

My biggest problem with the CFL is that it misleads by including the term “Canadian” in the name of the league. If it weren’t for the non-import rule that requires half of a team’s roster to be Canadian-born or trained, the entire league would presumably be filled with Americans.

Even with the non-import rule, all the Canadians on the roster only have to be used as bench players (this might be for the best); my sixth-grade physical education teacher told me that I had “butterfingers,” which could be an inheritable trait among all Canadians making success in football near impossible.

Who knows? Maybe I would’ve been more inclined to play more football growing up if I thought I had a legitimate shot at starting in the CFL (I probably wouldn’t have because I hate getting hit).

Still, CFL executives often say that using only three downs in their game translates to more entertainment. I’m convinced that the reason only three downs are used in the CFL is to create the illusion that the game will end quicker.

At times, it’s difficult to fathom the choices of the CFL. For example, in the mid-90s teams based in the U.S. competed, and the league had two teams with the same nickname—the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Ottawa Rough riders (the space makes all the difference).

All this being said, the CFL has helped launch the NFL careers of many players including,Warren Moon, Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia.

The CFL also helped resurrect the career of Miami’s Ricky Williams, who played the 2006 season up north because the NFL suspended him for testing positive for marijuana once. OK, multiple times. This is proof enough that you can be high on the good Kush and still dominate the CFL.

If you want, you can find CFL games on TV in the U.S., assuming there isn’t an enticing preseason NFL game, a rerun of “Coach” or an extended infomercial for the Magic Bullet on at the same time.

This Canadian will be enjoying his guacamole and mixed berry smoothies, both of which can be concocted in three seconds or less with the Magic Bullet (it’s more than just a blender, it’s lifealtering), during Thursday’s game.