Chemistry Group Kicks Off Semester



by Erin Shea

Most campus campus activities involve food, but for one student group, that food might be ice cream made using liquid nitrogen.

The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society  is holding its

first meeting of the year on Wednesday night, all students with a general interest in

chemistry are invited to attend.

“One of our goals is to bring a better light onto chemistry and make it more interesting to

everybody,” said SAACS president and chemistry major, Kari Zander. “We are trying to

make chemistry more applicable for everyone.”

The meeting on Wednesday is the first one of the year, and there will be free food and

prizes which include an MP3 player, gift cards and t-shirts. The first half of the meeting

will be an introduction to the chapter and the chemistry faculty, who will discuss their

research projects. Then the second half will be a meet and greet for the students and

the faculty said Zander.

“[The SAACS] is a way that students can develop a passion for what they are studying

and meet people in the field,” said senior biochemistry major and treasurer, Elani

Fourie. Fourie said she joined for networking opportunities, the ability to

learn more about careers and grad schools from the American Chemical Society and to

help spread the passion for chemistry.

Ray Harper, a pre-pharmacy sophomore and secretary of SAACS, said that the

organization helped him learn more about the professors at UK and how the field of

chemistry is applied in the pharmacy area.

The SAACS meets once a month, alternating between business meetings and social

events, like going to the movies or activities involving chemistry, said Zander.

The group also hears from speakers in related fields and put on demonstrations for middle and high school students, like working with helium balloons and making homemade ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

Zander described the organization as a go-between for students and faculty, saying it brings

great opportunities to find jobs and creates a mentor system for younger students so

they are not lost in the major.

“We welcome any major, you get the chance to find out what’s in the science

community even if you aren’t in the major,” said Harper.

The SAACS invites any

students, who have an interest in chemistry, to attend the first meeting at 5:00 p.m. on

Wednesday in room 137 of the Chemistry Physics building.