SAB looks for Mr. and Ms. Eligible

By: Rachel Sarnovsky

A common way to meet new people on campus is to get involved. On Thursday, Sept. 2 the Student Activities Board is hosting an event titled “Mr. and Ms. Eligible.”

“My friends were asking me what the best way to meet guys in college is and I watch “The Bachelor” so I was thinking it would be funny to play off that show. That’s how I thought of the idea,” SAB Director of Pop Culture Chelsea Melchor said.

“Mr. and Ms. Eligible” is loosely based off of MTV’s “Singled Out.” Melchor said there was an event similar to this in the past but it was not hosted by the SAB and it was not set up this way.

There will be one bachelor and 15 girls in a dating pool. The girls cannot see the bachelor and likewise, the guy cannot see the girls. The contestants will be asked time-tested compatibility questions. Girls will be eliminated throughout three rounds.

However, the bachelor does not have complete control over who gets eliminated given that he cannot physically see the girls.

“This would be a great way for people to get involved around campus. Even if people are just watching or participating you can meet people from around the community,” Melchor said.

Melchor is a big believer of getting involved on campus and in campus activities.

“Getting involved is something I definitely recommend. It’s the best way I feel you can be a part of UK. You are part of something in the community and you can grow more as a UK student. It’s way more fun than just going to class every day,” Melchor said.

Melchor hopes this event will bring people together and help students meet new friends. People attending and having a good time is what she expects from this event.

“I’m hoping a lot of people will come out and watch. The audience is fit for everyone, students and faculty. We had a ton of people sign up to be the bachelor, so I’m hoping this event will be successful and hopefully this will help people come out to the next two,” Melchor said.

There will be two other “Mr. and Ms. Eligible” events. The next one will be on Sept. 30 which will be a bachelorette looking for a guy. The last event will take place on Oct. 14 for the GLBT community.