Students endure long waits for SAB concert tickets



Sean Meloney

Many students waited in long lines Tuesday to get B.o.B. and Jason Derulo.

On Sept. 7, the UK ticket office began selling tickets for the Student Activties Board fall concert on Oct. 21.

Students were already in line when ticket sales began at 10 a.m.

“Luckily I didn’t have any morning classes, so I was able to get in line at about 7 a.m.,” sophomore Eli Edwards said.

All 700 floor tickets were sold before 3 p.m., SAB Director of Concerts Chris Duncan said.

“There has been a nonstop flow of students purchasing tickets all day,” Duncan said.

“I only know a couple of B.o.B.’s songs, but the concert just sounds like fun,” freshman Summer Patterson said.

To increase student input into the artist choice, SAB held a poll in which students could vote for their choice of artist. Derulo and B.o.B. took the vote.

“I’m glad that B.o.B. is the artist coming because that’s who I voted for,” senior Lauren Sexton said.