UK Police need to realign priorities

Letter to the editor by Travis Allen. E-mail

As a first-year student at UK, I am extremely alarmed at the recent string of armed robberies on campus within the last two weeks.

I already had preconceived notions about UK Police, coming from Louisville, Ky., with a brother a year older than me attending here. I had the understanding that police tend to be strict when dealing with college kids.

I have personally witnessed this at numerous parties around campus in my time here as a freshman. The police presence hasn’t been impressive so far, as shown by current events.

However, the police always seem to find the parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. They give out numerous citations to people who throw parties while robbers roam our campus seemingly unscathed.

What has this police force come to? Who would prioritize busting parties over protecting the general welfare of all students?

I just hope that I don’t live in an environment where police don’t deter robbers from committing crimes. I find it ridiculous that I need to be in fear when I walk somewhere alone. When I walk home past dark from a long night of studying at the library, I need to worry whether I will be next.