Online comments open

Editorial by Kernel staff. E-mail [email protected].

The Kernel respects the first amendment in its entirety, especially when it comes to the opinions page.  This page is an outlet for venting frustration, exposing corruption or commenting for a greater good.

However, with online posting, the Kernel has the right and discretion to delete comments deemed profane, irrelevant or derogatory toward a person or group. This is not a shift toward censorship, but rather, a move toward the respect of writers.

Starting this year, the Kernel had an account log-in system required for online posts, but the staff found the extra step made dialogue less frequent.

Now, to encourage more productive debate and dialogue between readers, the staff has removed this account requirement.

That being said, the Kernel asks that you comment responsibly and respectfully.  The Internet is a public forum and can have a great force on readers.

Continue to foster and share your opinions. Journalists do not carry out journalism without the opinions and thoughts of others.

You may have another side of the story to share that our reporters may overlook (remember, we’re human and have full class schedules too).

Freedom of speech requires the participation of everyone. Although we try, the people in the newsroom do not fully represent the university and its diverse population.

Commenting is your opportunity to share what you know best, and it’s ultimately your chance to take part in and shape your college society.  Read, internalize, report and write.  But please, do it respectfully.