Pedway between Garrigus, Barnhart building ‘structurally unsound’

UK has closed the pedestrian crosswalk, or pedway, between the Garrigus building and Charles. E. Barnhart building due to safety concerns, UK spokesman Carl Nathe said.

According to Nathe, the crosswalk that goes over Cooper Dr., was determined to be “structurally unsound” by a structural engineer hired by UK’s Physical Plant Division.

The investigation occurred after a PPD employee was installing lights underneath the pedway on the North side near the Garrigus building when he spotted a rusted beam, Nathe said. The employee reported his sighting to the PPD.

Nathe said tentative plans are in place to close one lane between S. Limestone and University Dr. off Cooper Dr. on Thursday starting at 9 a.m., to facilitate an in-depth evaluation. He said the pedway was constructed along with the Barnhart building just over 20 years ago.

UK has installed signs on either side of the pedway informing students, faculty and staff that it is “closed until further notice.”

Nathe said UK is strongly encouraging students to use designated crosswalks when crossing Cooper Dr.

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