Do’s and don’ts: How to get the right girl

By Alison Carson

It’s no question that what a girl wants in a guy is complicated, full of seemingly opposing characteristics — a guy who is strong yet sensitive, romantic yet challenging. You can bag the girl in a short skirt on a Friday night, but getting the girl in your business class poses an issue.

The fact is, it’s harder to attract a girl for all the right reasons. Sure being ripped “Situation” style might be flashy, but you won’t get the right type of girl you’ve been searching for.

Make a few minor changes and before you know it, you’ll meet a girl you can bring home to mom.

Be cocky, in a good way. Every girl likes a guy who’s direct and secure. That doesn’t mean acting like you’re better than her. You don’t want a girl to be intimidated around you. Instead, she should just admire your confidence.

Just be you. It’s easy to feel like you have to work overly hard to impress a girl. But the truth is most girls just want a guy who is down to Earth. Sure we love to be wined and dined, but that doesn’t mean hanging out isn’t just as fun. Just be yourself and you will find a girl who truly likes you — and not what you have to “offer.”

Be open. Guys have a habit getting stuck in only the things they are interested in. Sure we don’t mind watching the game with you, but that doesn’t mean sports should occupy every weekend.

If you really want to attract the right girl, get interested in what she likes too and be open to trying new things.

Don’t be too shallow. Sure, there is nothing wrong with an attractive girl. But if that’s all you’re basing your criteria on, chances are you won’t find a girl that’s necessarily compatible with you. Looking beyond the outside and not getting stuck on only dating girls that are “your type” will lead you to the right girl.

Don’t be afraid of a little PDA. Too many guys are afraid to show affection. You aren’t any less of a man if you bring your potential girl around your boys. You don’t need be embarrassed to hold hands in public or throw your arm over her shoulder. They are subtle ways of showing a girl you’re proud of her.

Say how you feel (and be honest about it). Saying how you feel doesn’t mean you have to break out into some sappy Hallmark card. But girls do need to hear what you’re thinking. So don’t be afraid to tell them you like them, or where you think things are going. And sober — drunk texts don’t count.

Also, don’t say what you think she wants to hear. That only will hurt her or burn bridges in the end. If you really want the right girl, you have to be honest, and up front.

Attracting girls by buying drinks or talking up your status on the rugby team might seem like a good idea, and might be easier, but it won’t land you the girl of your dreams.