Kernel staff tweets news

Editorial by Kernel staff. E-mail

Journalism and technology are hardly synonymous, but for the future of the industry, the two will undoubtedly have to become more aligned. For that reason, the Kernel is making its own strides with apps for the iPhone and the iPad, along with video and multimedia expansion on the website.

Our most recent recent attempt to better connect with technology, new media and social networking is the use of twitter. With Twitter, the ability to spread and consume news is exponentially increased and the goal is to maximize this capability.

We already have Twitter accounts for the individual desks, which give links to the web updates for each story, but recently, Kernel staffers have now have started their own Twitter. So if you have a question, comment, tips or any other sort of feedback, you now have 140 characters (minus the @ reply) to engage writers.

The idea is to provide a more personal experience, giving you the to get your favorite writer’s work, their thoughts and other things they find interesting.

Continuing to follow the desk’s Twitter account would get you a lot of the same information, but for more of an “insider” feel for UK hoops, extra commentary on the breaking news on campus and short general updates on whatever is relevant. Open up your feed for a little Kernel of information.