Kernel amps credibility measures

Editorial by Kernel staff. E-mail

Accuracy is the pillar of good journalism. The Kentucky Kernel recognizes this and does everything possible to ensure its stories are entirely accurate before publication.

Last Monday, in an attempt to further its efforts to ensure accuracy, the Kernel began issuing accuracy checks to sources used in its stories.

These allow us to review the professionalism of our journalists, while informing them of the things they are doing well and more importantly, the areas they can improve.

The accuracy checks give stories’ sources the opportunity to comment on a range of variables of the story they were quoted or featured in.

The checks ask for the conditions of the interview such as, whether it was conducted in person, or via phone or e-mail. Additionally, it asks the interviewee whether or not he or she felt the reporter properly quoted him or her in the article.

While the checks are effective at allowing editors to evaluate writers, the checks can also help improve the stories before they are even sent.

If reporters are aware that an accuracy check will be sent following the publication of their story, it ensures they are held accountable for their reporting, and they will hopefully make an extra effort to ensure complete accuracy.

Simultaneously, these checks should build rapport with the people the Kernel includes in stories and above all, its readership.

The Kentucky Kernel wants to take every possible measure to ensure we remain a source readers can trust, and we are always looking for ways to improve as a publication. We hope these accuracy checks help us do just that.

While good journalism should be the inherent goal of every publication, the Kernel will take a step further to be exceptional.