Michael Franti rocks Busters

Everybody likes Michael Franti and Spearhead. They may think they don’t but they do. At least that’s what it seemed like at Buster’s Monday night.

The crowd of roughly one thousand was quite an eclectic mix, ranging from Abercrombie-wearing college students to hippie’s sporting dreads.

The audience’s knowledge of Franti was as diverse as their apparel. Some had been following for more than ten years, and others simply knew him from the Corona Lime commercial.

Englishman Bobby Long opened the show, and his folk act was the kind of opening act that has you wanting more when it ends, rather than checking your watch waiting for the main act.

When Franti took over, it was like the stage caught fire. Franti wore no shows and never stopped moving, no did his band. Franti and Spearhead is as much a party as it is a show. Franti wasn’t afraid to interact with his fans, improvise lines incorporating the city and fans, and rock some covers, including Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker.”

The highlight of the Franti party came when he invited 8 audience members to join him on stage. His charisma was undeniable, and he didn’t look as though the fans were up there out of courtesy but rather because he genuinely loves his fans.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Franti’s songs- you’ll have the refrain memorized by the second chorus. Every song has an infectious hook, so much so that Franti was able to turn his mic to the crowd which would sing with him with full enthusiasm.

Not everyone at Busters knew who Michael Franti was at 9 p.m. but when they strolled out at midnight you can be damn sure they were humming his discography.