Art contest winners named

By Nicole Schladt

Winners of the Peer Resource Team’s Call to Artists contest have been announced.

Call to Artists is an exhibition of 2D student art that will be on display in the Center for Student

Involvement until the beginning of next semester. This is the third year the Peer Resource Team has organized the event.

Three students participated in this semester’s contest, and five separate pieces of artwork were submitted.

The winners are Karen Thompson with her works “Treading Water,” “Hoover Dam-1,” “Shakertown-2,”

Alli Bergmann with her work “Tempted by the Moon Fantastic,” and Amanda Neal with her work “Love of Lexington.”

The Peer Resource Team Executive Boary evaluated each submission based on its content, size and overall appeal.

“The Call to Artists program was started in order to [give] students who enjoy art an opportunity to display their work for other students to see,” said Madeleine Morey, hospitality management and tourism senior, who is in charge of the program. “We [want] to interest students in who we are as the

Peer Resource Team and what we can do to help students get involved.”

The main goal of the exhibition is to show appreciation to the art students on campus, Morey said.

“[We want] to make sure that art students see that other organizations on campus, specifically those that are located in the CSI, appreciate their work,” Morey said.

The winning pieces will go on display Friday in the CSI, located in room 106 of the Student Center.