Film combats violence against women

By Liz Canavan

The college of engineering is helping combat violence against women through  a documentary.

Starting Nov. 14 on Kentucky Educational Television, three survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and stalking will share their stories for a documentary on their experiences with domestic violence.

“The Science of Violence Against Women; The Stories of Women” will focus on the Center for Research on Violence Against Women (CRVAW) at the University of Kentucky. The documentary will show the personal accounts of these women and how they survived and now are advocating against violence against women.

Dr. Brent Seales is the director of the visual center in the engineering building, and he helped make sure that this documentary  incorporated not only the stories of how violence affects women, but also the science of violence and research that was involved in these studies.

“It’s not just science for the sake of science. Its science that will enable us to make a change in lives of women who experience violence,” said Carol Jordan, the director of the Center for Research on Violence, and the producer of the film.

The documentary took a year to complete, and the center worked with the college of engineering to help make these stories come alive.

The film will continue to air throughout the month of November on KET Kentucky. ­­