Crosbie wins 7th District Council race

By Liz Canavan and Marie Canavan

In Lexington’s 7th District Council race, KC Crosbie has defeated Chris Logan for the second consecutive time.

This will be Crosbie’s third term, previously defeating Logan in 2008.

Crosbie’s main focus is to work with other council members on creating jobs and focusing on the budget. She plans on creating change in the Lexington community, and said she is excited for the future.

Crosbie also said she wants to encourage students to stay in Lexington upon graduation and create more job opportunities for UK graduates.

A core group of UK students helped Crosbie in her campaign.

The 7th district makes up some of the UK population.

Logan also had UK students volunteer in his campaigning, and though disappointed in his loss, was thrilled about the integrity of the campaign he and Crosbie ran.

“ I was happy that it wasn’t a negative campaign but was straightforward and focused on the issues,” Logan said.