New mayor brings Lexington forward

Kentucky typically isn’t a place where you find liberal politics, politicians or radical social change. Sure, the state traditionally comes out with a bluish tint depending on the level of the election — but will anyone confuse us with, say, California?

Definitely not, which is why Jim Gray winning the Lexington mayoral race is such a shock and a relief at the same time.

For Lexington to elect an openly gay mayor at a time when some politicians go out of their way avoid rumors of homosexuality goes against the norm for sure, but it says quite a bit about what really matters to Lexington’s voters.

Gray ran on a campaign that included promoting governmental transparency, building up local small businesses, actively engaging diversity and several other platforms, to which voters positively responded. His sexual orientation remained out of the fray, allowing the public to decide on the best candidate, without any commercial bashings or even covert rhetoric to incite bigotry and hatred.

This election’s mayoral campaign can serve as an example to us all as to how politics should be conducted and what should be more important. It can also show the rest of the state and the nation that being inclusive isn’t a problem. If you look at people for who they truly are, you find out what is important.