The best season to be a Wildcat


Vendela Norris, a freshman broadcast journalism major, sits in a hammock on Friday, April 9, 2021, outside William T. Young Library in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Jack Weaver | Staff

Brooklyn Kelley

Although sledding at Willy T seems to be a crowd favorite, there is no better season than spring on UK’s campus, though autumn is a close second.

In spring, the redbuds are blooming, tulips are popping up everywhere and campus just looks brighter altogether. One of the biggest reasons I appreciate spring on campus is because it follows months of bitter cold and bare trees. It is nice to see new life and not have to wear my winter coat to classes.

I love the colors of autumn, football season and the weather, and I would consider it to be my favorite season in general, but on campus, I love spring just a little more since it follows such a bleak season. It puts a smile on my face every year, and I am excited just thinking about it coming soon.

There are many things I look forward to doing in the springtime around campus. One of my favorite spring activities is going to the Arboretum to study mid-day or for a morning run. Seeing the flowers begin to bloom fills me with excitement and makes my day.

With spring often comes rain, which, in my opinion, makes the Arboretum even more fun. Last year, one of my favorite memories of the spring semester was going to the Arboretum when I knew it was about to rain and running through the rain with someone I love. It was just warm enough to enjoy, and I laughed harder than I had in a long time.

I love hiking, and although the Red River Gorge is a bit of a far drive from campus, Raven Run Nature Sanctuary is close. The Sancturary provides a taste of hiking, for which I often get homesick. In the spring, the wildflowers bloom, making it a gorgeous place to hike. Though it is not on campus, I always associate it with the spring semester, since it is a good place to travel to after classes are over for the day.

Another spring favorite of mine is studying at the tables outside the Willy T Starbucks with friends. Sometimes, if the tables are full, I enjoy bringing a picnic blanket and sitting in the grassy Bowl to get some homework done. The fresh air and sunshine help me focus and boost my mood.

Since the temperature usually increases around that time of year, I also love to go get ice cream after a hard day. There are some great ice cream shops close to campus, but I don’t have a preference. Ice cream from anywhere after a day full of classes and homework is good to me!

Of course, there is also the academic holiday that many students dream of months in advance: spring break. It is a chance to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and relax before heading back to finish out the semester strong. Since it’s much longer than fall break, I look forward to spring break more.

This year, sophomores will get to experience a full college spring break for the first time, as COVID-19 shortened it last year.

Possibly my favorite aspect of spring on UK’s campus is that walks to and from class are beautiful. The landscaping at UK allows students to experience the new growth and bright colors of spring while they’re traveling to their next classroom. I love seeing everything in bloom and stopping to say hello to the people working on landscaping.

There is nothing like the sweet smell of spring on campus as everything blooms and summer break inches closer by the day. Such a beautiful season helps me to finish the school year on a good note.