Shuttles take students home for breaks

By Paige Taylor

The Parking and Transportation Services is offering students an alternate way to get home for the holidays beginning this November.

Ride Home Express is an option for UK students and employees who are going out of town for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring breaks.

“We have several different shuttles and the Ride Home Express will leave on Tuesday, Nov. 23 of Thanksgiving break and come back on Nov. 28,” said Chrissie Balding Tune, the spokeswoman for PTS. “It will do the same for winter break and spring break. It will always start the last day of classes and come back the Sunday before classes start.”

Ride Home Express will run at the start and end of the Thanksgiving, winter semester and spring breaks.

“We’re hoping this will really help students who don’t have cars on campus so their families don’t have to travel to Lexington and back, and for students who have their own car don’t have to deal with wear and tear and gas prices,” Tune said. “There’s also Wi-Fi on the buses so students can keep up with things during the trip.”

Acording to a UK Parking press release, there are eight routes with the Express and it will stop in 29 cities ranging from Indianapolis, Ind. to Kennesaw, Ga. Prices range from $39-$129.

“We worked with the Registrar office to get some demographics where students are actually from and serving those students,” Tune said. “Each route has several different stops. All of the locations are within a six- hour radius of UK the furthest north is Cleveland, furthest south is Atlanta and furthest west is Chicago.”

The press release also says  the Express will feature comfortable deluxe motor coach buses and the fares will be more affordable than airlines.

“This is our inaugural route at Thanksgiving. We also offer free shuttles to Blue Grass Airport for students who have already made travel plans,” Tune said. “This is good so you don’t have to pay for parking while you’re gone, or use a ride from someone.”

One of the main goals of the  Express is to cater to student’s needs.

“The shuttles leave from Commonwealth Stadium, and since many students don’t want to take their luggage across campus, the CATS buses will take them out to the stadium with their luggage from their dorm or campus apartment,” Tune said.  “When they return to campus the CATS buses will take them back to their dorms.”

The program suggests quicker travel times and riders may bring one large piece of luggage, one small piece of luggage and one carry-on item.

“Deadline to purchase tickets is Nov. 10, and you can purchase tickets now at the Student Center Ticket Office, you can walk in, call in, or go to their website. The deadline to purchase Winter Break tickets is Dec. 3,” Tune said.