VIDEO: Calipari, Jones, Knight, Harrellson after UK vs. Dillard

Here’s some video of Calipari and some players following the UK vs. Dillard exhibition. Some highlights include:

Calipari: Talks about the team improving its play, the team beginning to display some chemistry and the three suits he would never be caught wearing (one is a certain Louisville coach’s white outfit. That part’s somewhere in the second half of the video, and well worth the watch).

Jones: Talked extensively about what the team, and himself, did differently against Dillard. Also talked about how fun it is to be a running team and his versatility as a player.

Knight: Talked about how the team needs to continue improving, how Jones had a “monstrous” game, the speed UK likes to play at and more.

Harrellson: Talks about Jones needing to be more consistent, and also a little bit about No Shave November (of which I am taking part, and there’s no way he has grown that majestic of a beard in less than a week).