Employees to get extended holiday break

Most UK employees will see their holiday break extended by three days, President Lee Todd announced Thursday.

The holiday will begin at the end of the day Monday, Dec. 20, three days earlier than originally scheduled. Work will resume Monday, Jan. 3.

Todd said many employees use these days as vacation days, but now they can save the days for another time.

“We haven’t been able to give raises in the last three years, and we try to find a way to add extra benefits to the people who work so hard,” Todd said at the news conference that introduced UK’s $25 million energy initiative.

Not all employees will get those days off. Some research laboratories, athletics programs and the hospital will not get the extra days, Todd said.

Departments that are required to be staffed Dec. 27 to 30 should also be staffed Dec. 21 to 23. Deans and department heads will communicate specifics to employees.

While the time off is being used to reward hard-working employees, Todd also said it is an energy saving measure.

“Cranking up boilers for a campus that’s half-full is a drain on our resources,” he said.