UK quarterback Mike Hartline arrested on disorderly conduct and public intoxication charges, pleads not guilty

UK quarterback Mike Hartline was arrested on charges of alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct and failure to notify address change to the Department of Transportation at 3 a.m. Friday, according to a police report.

UK cheerleader Ashley Carnes was also arrested at the same location. Her mother, Cheryl Carnes, said she is dating and lives with Hartline.

She is charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication in a public place and having a fake ID to obtain alcohol.

Jim Lowry is the attorney for both Hartline, 22, and Carnes, 20, and entered not guilty pleas for each of them at the arraignment Friday afternoon.

According to the police report for Hartline, he was engaged in an active, verbal disorder with several women at 1103 Crescent Ave.

Hartline was yelling, screaming and cursing at a witness, UK student Samantha Sheeran, the report said.

Journalism senior Ali Ord lives in one of the units of the 1103 Crescent Ave. duplex. She and the others who live in the B unit are friends with Sheeran, who lives in the A unit next door.

Ord said she and her roommates were asleep, and the disturbance woke them up. She said she and her roommates went outside and told the people arguing with Sheeran to leave, but they did not and the noise did not stop.

Ord said Sheeran’s roommate called the police, and that Sheeran did not know Hartline or Carnes before the incident occurred. She said Sheeran went home to her parents’ house Friday.

Ord, who talked to Sheeran, said Sheeran said Hartline hit her.

“It was confrontational and ridiculous,” Ord said.

As Hartline saw the police cruiser arrive, he quickly started walking on Crescent Avenue toward University Avenue, according to the report.

Hartline was unsteady on his feet, had blood-shot and watery eyes, had slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol on him, the report said.

Hartline was under the influence of alcohol to the degree of being a danger to himself or others, the report said.

Sheeran said Hartline struck her in the jaw, according to the report.

She declined comment when asked about the incident.

The report said there was no physical injury, but an assault report was taken.  The verbal dispute began in the cab on the way home from Tin Roof bar, according to the report.

Hartline and other football players were seen at Two Keys Tavern earlier in the night.

Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said assault charges are unlikely to be filed.

“Detectives have followed up on the assault report, and there are still no charges,” Roberts said. “It is very likely charges will not be filed, unless the alleged victim files them.”

Hartline was released after he paid his $235 bail.

Lexington Police Officer Eddie Thurman signed the report.

“We are in the process of evaluating the situation, and we will address that at the appropriate time once all the facts have been gathered,” UK spokesman Tony Neely said.

According to the report for Carnes, she was also engaged in a verbal disorder at 1103 Crescent Ave.

The arrest reports list the same address for Hartline and Carnes.

Cheryl Carnes said she felt the situation was “a little blown out of proportion” and was just an example of young people drinking.


According to Carnes’ police report, Thurman stopped Hartline while he was walking down Crescent Avenue.

Sheeran was the listed witness, the report said, and Carnes remained in a verbal disorder with her.

Carnes was also under the influence posing a danger to herself and others, the report said. She had the smell of alcohol on her, had blood-shot and watery eyes, was unsteady on her feet, the report said.

Sheeran told police that Carnes also physically assaulted her.

When Carnes was searched, police found an ID belonging to her sister in her purse, the report said.

Carnes told police she “used the ID to enter the Tin Roof Bar earlier in order order to obtain alcohol.”

Hartline and Carnes’ preliminary hearing will be held in Fayette County District Court Jan. 24.