Goodbye Opinions of 2010, on to the next one

Letter from the editor by Cassidy Herrington. E-mail [email protected].

My flight is booked and my leather travel journal is waiting patiently by my suitcase.

I can already hear the bandoneones leaking tango ditties, and I can feel the tannins of a rich Malbec dancing on the tip of my tongue. My mind has checked out and flown to Argentina, although I don’t physically leave until the first week of February.

Before I depart, I leave a final ink stain on the Opinions page before the transition to the next era of the opinions section.

Next semester, the clever, yet quiet, journalist, Shannon Frazer, will manage the Opinions Desk. I had the pleasure of working with her this semester, and I know she will bring new ideas to the page and compelling conversations to campus.

As always, I encourage you to stay opinionated and keep writing. The Opinions section may be tucked away behind news, sports and features, but it has the power to make changes in our society and bring awareness through new perspectives. This semester alone, we heard from writers far and near, with topics ranging from Egyptian elections to Quidditch, from the right to carry arms to gay rights, and from the ground zero debate to the immigration dispute.

Only a few short months have been a testament to the melting pot of opinions, experiences and people that comprise this university.

For now, I need to go where the coffee is stronger and the weather is milder. I’ll be developing new thoughts and opinions abroad — and I’ll be reading Kernel Opinions!

Cassidy Herrington

Journalism and International Studies Junior