Notes and Quotes (and video): Calipari has not been contacted by Dominican Republic national team

Some notes and quotes from today’s media opportunity:

John Calipari said he has not been contacted by the Dominican Republic about coaching the national team — This was obviously the story heading into the day after a blog reported the Dominican Republic was trying to get Calipari to coach its national team for Olympic 2012 qualifications. Calipari said he has not been contacted.

Calipari said his daughter asked him about it last night after seeing it online.

“My comment to everybody, including my daughter, I’ve not been contacted by anybody,” Calipari said. “And it would be an honor to be considered for something like that, but I don’t know the time frame, and I don’t even know if I can do it. There has been no contact.”

Asked if he would consider something like coaching a national team if he was contacted, Calipari said:

“I don’t even know the time frame, so I can’t even tell you that (whether it would be something I would consider). But it’s an honor that another country would say, ‘we’d like you to coach our national team.’ The great thing about what I was doing with China was the same kind of deal, you’re working with those guys and you’re teaching. So it’s kind of neat, but I’m worried about beating Winthrop. You guys are worried about Dominican Republic.”

Calipari has been directing coaching clinics and camps in China since the University of Memphis and the Chinese Basketball Association made a deal in 2007, while Calipari was the head coach at Memphis.

Calipari has previously said he would want to see an end to the summer recruiting period so he could spend more time with his family. Taking the coaching position for a national team would probably cut into that even more, right?

“You have a good point,” Calipari said in response to that question.

Calipari said he could see why his name would make sense about the job.

“With Orlando (Antigua) on the staff, and I coached a kid called Rigo Nunez, who was Dominican, so you could see where that stuff got started, but it’s not…”

Coaching the national team could bring benefits in the recruiting realm. Junior Eloy Vargas is from the Dominican Republic.

“I haven’t thought about (what positives would come from it) because it’s not something that’s on the table,” Calipari said.

Calipari said suing the NCAA would be an option for Enes Kanter — On his radio show last night, Calipari said the Kanters could potentially sue the NCAA if he was ruled ineligible the second time through the eligibility process.

“I don’t think I said sue,” Calipari said. “Did I say sue? Wow. Strong statement. … I throw out a lot of food for thought. I like to encourage people to think.”

The decision would only have to be made if Kanter was again ruled ineligible and it would be an option the Kanters would have to undertake themselves.

“The decision for their family if they say he can’t ever play basketball, you know, they have their own counsel and they would make their own decision,” Calipari said. “Obviously that’s an option for them. Whether they do it or not, or whether it will even get to that point, I have no idea.”


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