Statistical look at shots consumed by single player

Earlier today, John Clay of the Herald-Leader had an interesting statistical roundup of the shots per minute of various UK players from the last four years. It placed Terrence Jones at the top, averaging a shot every 2.13 minutes of play.

I decided to take that research a step further. Looking at the shots attempted per minute is a great thing to look at, but considering the comparison is between four different years (and two different coaches who played different styles), I tried to eliminate tempo from the equation. For example, Calipari’s first team took 2,298 shots, and Gillispie’s first team took 1566. So I decided to break down what percentage of the team’s shots a single player took. Mostly, this reinforced the original findings; certain players had varying degrees of importance to their team.

Jodie Meeks (easily) had the highest percentage of shots attempted on a single team, with almost 30 percent in his final year at UK (the year where it was basically Meeks and Patrick Patterson, and the year Meeks had the 54-point game). In terms of balance, this year isn’t too bad; five players take at least 10 percent of the team’s shots, and Jones’ 24 percent isn’t excessively high. Somewhat surprising was last year’s team, in which nobody took over 20 percent of the team’s shots.

Of course, this isn’t perfect, by any means. It doesn’t take into account free throws (since it doesn’t count as a field goal attempt if you miss and get fouled. For example, Wall and Cousins each got fouled about twice the amount Patterson and Bledsoe did, so taking that into account, Wall and Cousins were taking more shots than perhaps the % FG stat indicates). I couldn’t quite figure out how much to try and weight free throws into the equation, though I may tackle that here soon. And I might include possession percentage in this table soon, too, because there is (obviously) much more than just taking shots that goes into how much of a team’s offense a single player consumes.

Anyway, here’s the table. Let me know if there are any mistakes, or any other pertinent statistics that could (or should) be added to the discussion.

Jones 158 24.0 %
Knight 150 22.8 %
Lamb 99 15.1 %
Liggins 87 13.2 %
Miller 75 11.4 %
09-10 PLAYER Out of 2228
Wall 438 19.7 %
Cousins 369 16.6 %
Patterson 374 16.8 %
Bledsoe 312 14.0 %
Miller 215 9.6 %
08-09 PLAYER Out of 1938
Meeks 568 29.3 %
Patterson 398 20.5 %
Stevenson 198 10.2 %
Miller 160 8.3  %
07-08 PLAYER Out of 1566
Crawford 401 25.6 %
Bradley 330 21.1 %
Patterson 282 18.0 %
Stevenson 120 7.7 %
Meeks 88 5.6 %