Jones discusses Calipari’s profanity

The hottest two words around UK recently have been “selfish” and another one that’s essentially unprintable without placeholder symbols.

So after Terrence Jones scored 14 points and grabbed seven rebounds in UK’s win over South Carolina, a reporter asked him: “So I hear you’re a selfish (expletive).” Jones smiled.

“I didn’t think that even needed to be that big of a deal,” Jones said. “My coach isn’t the first coach to cuss in college basketball.”

Jones was the brunt of head coach John Calipari’s profanity during the Alabama game, an exchange caught on national television.

“That didn’t even bother me, I was still worried about what we were doing,” Jones said.

Calipari teaches from the sidelines at all times. While the bad language came out, Jones didn’t get hung up on the actual words.

“Coach Cal talks to us to get our attention, and make sure we’re doing what he wants us to do,” Jones said. “How he says it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just the message and what he’s saying.”

From the press box, I didn’t hear Calipari use any bad language the entire game. Of course, I wasn’t listening to just Calipari the entire game, so it’s possible he did and I missed it. But I didn’t see anything, there haven’t been any reports, and no one has said they saw anything on TV.